“Oh month of my birth! Oh start of my forties! Why oh why must you be so cruel to me!”  – Me.


“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley” – Also me. Or possibly Robert Burns. I forget.

I was excited to turn 40. I was super stoked about 2016. I had dreams of it being even better than my fantastic 2015. Hell, even after the past two absolutely BRUTAL winters, the weather gods were smiling upon us. Shorts on Christmas Day? Mild weather all over the place? Barely any accumulation of snow??? Had the world gone MAD??? Were the fates going to align for an even more EPIC 2016????

Not so much. Or at least – not so fast there, mister.

As I wrote here earlier in the month – way back in my foolish and carefree 30s – I had some pretty big running plans for the middle of this month. In the span of nine days, I was going to do two races (a half and a 10k) and on the 16th I was going to run 40km to celebrate my 40th birthday.

I also wrote about how during the half marathon my hamstring cramped early in the race and slowed me down considerably. Six days later, it really went off the rails during the 10k which meant my birthday run was not going to happen. Since then I have alternated between bitterness and acceptance – almost moment to moment.

In the big picture it took an epiphany of sorts to help me accept what I’m currently going through. I’m still pissed to be injured again and it’s irritating to no end to have no concrete time frame for this injury – but I do know that with 99.999999% certainty that at some point I will return to training and eventually get back to – and even beyond – what I’ve already accomplished. Ideally, I would like that to happen in 2016 but if it doesn’t, so what?

Ultimately, my plan is to be a LIFELONG runner. If running is something I hope to be doing for the next 30 years or more, then I have to accept days, weeks or sometimes even more when I take a break to allow myself to heal. Keeping focused on the long game is important and something to remember. It never hurts to make the best of a situation, no matter how it seems.