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I hate being injured. Really, really hate it.

After having my hamstring cramp quite badly during the Hypo Half and again during my only run during the week I somehow thought that still doing the Valentine’s Day run in Amherst was a good idea. Turns out it was not. Less than halfway through the race, I felt a pop in my left leg which resulted in me walking far more than I would have liked.

I had a pretty good idea with the cramping and residual tenderness that running 40km on my birthday (tomorrow – the 16th) was not going to happen. Even if I somehow managed to do it, the strain and wear on my legs at this point in the year AND the wonky hamstring would likely have resulted in having my season compromised even more so than it is at this current time.

I really had been looking forward to entering my forties in style – I was going to break the 40km into a couple of different runs. Part of the total was going to be with friends who have helped me with my training and life in general over the past little while and part was going to be solo – a time to reflect, be grateful for what running has added to my life and to just be at peace.

Overall, even with this hiccup I really do feel that this year will be just as fun as last year and that, more likely than not, I will see more improvements in my running. There is a lot of time left 2016, and my forties haven’t even started – a new decade to tackle!

I received a perfectly timed kick in the ass from Michelle yesterday who reminded me that there is a) plenty of time to recover from this injury b) lots I can do to prevent a relapse once I am healed but most important of all that there is a lot of strength and cross training that I can be doing (and should have been doing all along, admittedly) so that I won’t lose any fitness and may actually come back stronger than before.

So instead of celebrating by running 40km, I’m going to start my forties by planning my recovery, scheduling my cross training workouts and reaffirming my dedication to my spring goals. Tomorrow is just the start of another chapter and one I am excited to write.