With a couple of days more to reflect upon last Sunday’s event (and even with an unsuccessful attempt at running last night) I feel like I’m in a better place today to look at all of the positives from the Hypo Half. Here are the things I really enjoyed about the day – which far outweigh any negatives.

Celebrating the success of others

The biggest positive from the day was seeing some of the people who started out in my learn to run programs last year complete the half marathon. For two of my friends, it was their first ever half marathon and I think it’s fair to say that they both met their goals – time wise and experience wise. Another of my friends completed her second half marathon, saying that she was very happy to have run her own race and even got a shiny new PB of her own at the end of the day. It was really excellent to see all of them at the race and it was also great to sit with two of them at the post-race brunch to chat about their day. I know it’s cheesy – but I am seriously SO proud of them. The running group continues to be such a positive in my life.


Pre-race smiles – so awesome to see Lindsay, Heather and Ally kick ass!!


Seeing Some #RunAtCan Friends


Ever since I’ve been doing the weekly Twitter chat (follow @RunAtCan – you’ll love it!!!) I’ve really loved putting faces to twitter handles when I go to pretty much any event. I was able to see Diane for the first time in person in almost a year and meet Michelle for the first time in person (pictured below). As is also the usual, there was a healthy contingent of Fredericton runners there – some of them just traveling up to cheer on their friends (such as the always amazing Kim).


Michelle, myself and Diane – #RunAtCan Tweeps FTW


Defending my brunch title

Through four years, three different venues and against all odds – I have maintained my streak of being first to the brunch. There are no medals awarded for this feat, but it is one that I oddly enjoy. I actually couldn’t help but giggle when I arrived at the clubhouse and saw the room full of empty tables and chairs. I mightn’t have had the best day on the course, but no one beats me to the meal


And still champeen….