While I’ve dealt with some niggling (meaning weird) minor injuries, 2016 has started out pretty well. I was on pace for well over 250 km for January but after a few days off I still managed to crack 200 – a significant improvement over the 125 km I logged in January 2015.

February is going to be an odd month for running, as my motivation has been low getting back from the injuries and fighting off the winter blahs. Over a span of nine days, starting on the 7th I will have two races (a half marathon and a ten) plus run 40km on one of my training days after the races.

On Sunday I will be running in the Hypothermic Half for the fourth year in a row. This was the first half marathon I did when I started running again so it holds a special little place in my heart. Well, the cool medal and awesome post run brunch don’t hurt either, I suppose. Even cooler this year is the fact that quite a few people from my Learn to Run clinics from the past few months will be running this half marathon as well. I am SUPER excited to see them on course and can’t way to cheer them on.

The following Saturday, I will be running a 10k for only the second time since I started running again – the Amherst Valentine’s Day run. Last year I volunteered at this race and nearly froze my bum off, so this year I decided that moving around might keep me warmer.

Finally, in just under 2 weeks I turn 40 (on the 16th – in case you want to send gifts, haha). I’m not going to wax poetic and I’m not planning on a mid-life crisis, but I feel that it’s significant. Over the past couple of years, there have been some pretty dark times for me and I wasn’t always entirely sure that I would see 40. To celebrate my birthday I plan on running 40km – not necessarily all in one stretch, but certainly as a total for the day. If things go according to plan, I will run parts of that distance with some friends who have been a big part of getting my ass out the door at all the past couple of months and parts of it solo just to think about what life and running in my 40s will look like.

I haven’t given much thought to beyond my birthday, but I have to get on a more specific training schedule after my nine days of running fun. I’ll post a recap each of my three “events” – it will be a great few days!!