I don’t know if there is a difference between being obsessed with something or being passionate about it. I suspect that there is a lot of overlap or dancing back and forth between passion and obsession, at least from my own personal experience. Maybe the question is moot.

Having gained so many positives in my own life from running and the running community I am definitely focusing more of my time and energy on introducing others to the sport. One way I’ve done that has been through Twitter with my weekly chat on Sunday nights (shameless plug – follow @RunAtCan on Twitter if you don’t already). The other thing I’ve done is I have started several running clinics here in Sackville over the past few months.

In the spring, I decided to see if there would be enough interest in a “Learn to Run” clinic (or as I called it “Learn to LOVE to Run”). The response was awesome and I had to actually do two sessions. Over the summer, I focused on my own training but once the fall came around I decided to up the challenge a bit and see if I could help some people accomplish their goal of running a 10k race.

As much as I enjoy pushing myself and achieving my own goals, it is definitely an amazing feeling to help others achieve things they once thought of as impossible. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that we all have a tendency to under estimate what we are capable of, regardless of our history of success. This is probably what makes the group setting so rewarding and so positive – especially when the group really gels.

My main role has been to get the group together, but once that is done, they really have taken it upon themselves to push, support and encourage each other. Yes, I’m there to bounce questions off of and give a supportive fist bump at the end of each run, but the positive energy that all of these people create and share is awesome to see. I LOVE that so many of them are continuing to meet and run together and several from the spring have already completed a half marathon, with more from the 10k group planning on taking on the Hypothermic Half in February.


Some of my awesome 10k Group!

Giving back to the community only makes sense as everyone who runs can only benefit by more people becoming involved, interested and yes, maybe even a little obsessed. Do you have any experiences like this? Or do you remember being on the other side and having someone else pass on the “running bug” to you back in the beginning? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below!