With the “off season” here (so to speak) there are a few things I need to do to ensure that things don’t go off the rails. First and foremost, I want to re-commit to writing on a more frequent basis – both to share my experiences with running but to also keep myself more accountable.

It’s not that I think I have so much expertise to share or that I have thoughts that are so profound that I make the world a better place with my wisdom (or rants). I just find that when I let others in on how my training is going and how I am functioning on a regular basis, I am more likely to make better choices and stay focused on those longer term goals. I don’t expect perfection from myself but I do expect dedication and effort in accomplishing those things that are important to me.

The next thing I need to do is to look back at my 2015 running season and really evaluate how things went overall. It’s easy for me to say that the season was a success (it was), but I need to really look at what made it a success, what are the habits I want to continue and what are the things that I need to improve. I know that any season has highs and lows but hopefully I tracked enough details about training and other aspects of my life to really get some ideas on how to continue to improve.

Finally, I need to take the information and what I’ve learned from this year and apply it to 2016. I know that I need specific races and specific goals planned in order to stay motivated and focused. Right now I have no races in 2016 that I am actually registered for and it is definitely making a difference to my motivation and mental health in general. After focusing so long on a specific goal, I am definitely struggling without any particular event on my mind.

How about you? Have you started looking ahead to next year already? How do you plan on staying in shape over the winter? Do you stay focused on running or switch gears and focus on something else? I’d love to hear! Comment below – I love getting comments and questions!