Three days of running last week. Four runs altogether. Over 50 km total. Best of all, my legs feel great and this upcoming week is when the Learn to Run sessions start. It almost feels like spring!!

Monday, March 23

Nothing at all.

Tuesday, March 24

Another big fat zero. I did get a lot of housework done. That has to count for something, right?

Wednesday, March 25

Continuing the trend this week, no running or cross training at all. On the bright side, I did get my new computer. Maybe that will motivate me to get off my keister?

Thursday, March 26

14km run. 1 hour of yoga.

I guess getting my laptop did the trick? Let’s go with that….humour me, ok?

Friday, March 27

12 km run with a nice tempo 10km done in just over 52 minutes. The speed isn’t all the way back to where I want it, but it’s getting there. I hope.

Saturday, March 28

No running again, although this time was planned and not a result of being a lazyass.

Sunday, March 29

Two runs – one of 21km, one of 6 km for a total of 27 km for the day. Nice and easy and really felt like I could have run much longer. That being said, I really don’t want to overdo it and have a setback. That would suck.

I’m finally over 500km for the year and will be close to (but still not over) 200 km for the month. Feeling good and enjoying the thought of warmer days and less snow! How is your training going? I’d love to know!

Happy running!!!