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We have finally passed the first full day of spring, but it seems as though rather than going out quietly, winter would rather thrash around and pummel us a little further with its final death throes. No matter, I feel confident that we can all soon exhale and dust off our t-shirts and shorts for regular exposure to sunlight.
While I don’t feel as though I have been overly successful in organizing a regular run for the local group I started quite a while back, Saturday we had our second consecutive solstice/equinox run where we said goodbye to winter with a short and relaxed group run. The last semi-official Bogtrotters group run was on December 21st, the shortest day of the year, so this seemed like a good time to do another and maybe make a tradition of welcoming/saying goodbye to each season. We had a small but mighty turnout but it was still a lot of fun!


With spring here, racing season is just around the corner and if you look at any of the race listing sites (Race Event Guide is pretty darn good for all of Atlantic Canada) you can see that the calendar is really starting to pick up. While I am doing a greatly reduced racing schedule this year, I am really looking forward to having regular “mini-goals” to keep me focused.
I try not to be overly philosophical with my running and just try to enjoy it, but I do think that keeping my attention from drifting too far into the future and staying in the present with my running and life in general is going to be key to how things go over the next while. I will push myself when I feel strong, pull back or rest when my body tells me to do that and also remember that running is only as enjoyable as I find it on any given day. It’s ok to have other priorities, commitments and interests (although none come immediately to mind – haha).
So, here’s to spring, summer and warmer days ahead. Raise your toques and give yourself a salute for getting through another winter. Better days are ahead – and only memories and lessons learned lay behind.
Happy running!