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Well, winter continues to beat me down mentally and hamper some of my training plans, but I shall persist!! Even with another couple of snow days swooping in on us, I feel as though I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Here is how last week looked for me training wise. One run skipped voluntarily, as I’m still focusing on cautiously building up mileage and the added stress of more speed work

Monday, March 9th

1 hour yoga

5 km running

Tuesday, March 10th

10 km running

Wednesday, March 11th

10 km – (2 X 3km at  4:50 – 4:59/km pace)

Thursday, March 12th

1 hour yoga

Friday, March 13th

5 km running

Saturday, March 14th

16 km @ 5:40/km pace

Sunday, March 15th

Yet another stupid G.D. blizzard. Several hours cursing the weather gods.

46 km total and two hours of yoga. Not too shabby – definitely want to get regularly past that 50km/ week total and keep building from there. The speedwork has been enjoyable so far, but I’m still feeling a little paranoid about hurting myself. Frustrating to always have that concern in the back of my mind, something to work on mentally I guess!

Hope you’re all doing fantastic as well. Keep getting out there and giving winter the one finger salute – we’re almost there!!

Happy running!