I want to make it clear to everyone who reads this – I don’t think of myself as a running coach. Sure, I’ve actually coached at the high school and middle school level and I have read a LOT about the sport. I’ve even considered at some point down the road that I may get some formalized training because I do find it interesting.

The one thing that I think I do bring to other runners, especially beginning runners is a love and a passion for running. Countless runners I’ve spoken to over the years have said to me that they used to hate running or were very resistant to the sport. Through sheer will and determination they kept at it and at some point, something in their brain clicked and they fell in love with the run.

In this aspect, I consider myself very lucky as I have always LOVED running. Sometimes I forget this and need to be reminded of it (usually by my adorable and amazing wife, Stacey) but I know it to be true. No other activity brings me joy and peace of mind as consistently as a long run. I have always thought that the sounds of nature, of my feet striking the ground and even the sounds of my breathing – rhythmic and deep on my long, slow runs – all have a restorative quality to them.

Recently, the opportunity to create and lead (NOT coach) a Learn to Run program here in Sackville came up for me and I decided it was something really worth trying. I love running so much for all of the positive effects it has on my life. The only thing I enjoy more than the personal benefits is when I meet someone who is new to the sport and is starting to catch the “fever” because I know what an amazing journey lies ahead.

Historically, whenever I have had the chance to introduce people to this amazing, healthy and truly enjoyable obsession of mine (ours!), I have jumped on it. This has always been in the form of talking to one or two people at a time (I DO like to talk…), by meeting people via Twitter or by talking to new people at events in the past. The idea of working with a group of 20 new to running people and showing them what I love about running is exciting but also a little daunting.

At the very least, I hope I help the people in the Learn to Run group to have a positive and encouraging experience. I’m looking forward to the challenge and excited to share my enthusiasm about running. If I can help some of all of these people write their own narrative about how they fell in love with the sport or even be a small part of that story, then the whole experience will be more than worthwhile!

Are you a lifelong lover of running? Did you have to “learn to love” it? Leave a comment and share a glimpse of YOUR story – I’ve love to hear it!

Happy running!