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February was a roller coaster of a month for me. Not a dramatically terrifying one, by any stretch – closer to one of the kiddy coasters, but full of ups and downs, as well as a few sharp and sudden twists. Definitely enough to keep me on my toes – I think you get the point…

As often has happened to me in the past couple of years, anything that affects my running frequency also affects how much I write on my blog. I started the year with a very strong running month and was regularly posting. As February progressed, the running and writing were more sporadic, but rather than allow myself to spiral, I decided to focus first on getting my running back on track and to reboot my writing efforts once March began. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate!

So, here we are on the first Monday of March and I’m all hyped up to get things back on track, especially here on the blog. One of main objectives is to do my weekly training week in review, and I did that kinda, sorta in February but not really.

There was a lot of yoga, there was a fair amount of cycling and even with the sketchy weather I was able to log 132 kilometres of running throughout the month including the first race of 2015. I was hoping for a little more mileage, but overall I’m pleased to be getting out fairly consistently and getting some really good workouts in both on and off the road. I also volunteered for the Valentine’s Day run in Amherst, something I am aiming to do more of this year as well.

I am working on getting my mileage up over 200 km in March, but it will all depend on taking care of myself and not getting injured. Listening to my body has been super important and I feel as though I am managing to keep better perspective on missing a workout or even skipping one if something doesn’t seem quite right.

There are some product reviews and a couple of book reviews coming up over the next few weeks, as well as some other running related things that have been bouncing around in my brain. I’ve also signed on to team #werun2gether as part of the Earthathon Relay – a virtual race around the earth. It’s a bit of fun, helps motivate me a little more and has helped me meet even more great runners via Twitter.  As spring seems just around the corner (honest!) I feel rejuvenated and am SUPER pumped for the rest of 2015!


Happy running!