I missed doing a “week in review” post last week for a couple of reason. Firstly, I wasn’t really doing much that week as I couldn’t run and I was finding it hard to even find motivation to cross train. Secondly, because I wasn’t training much, my motivation to write also waned. After a successful half marathon on Sunday which capped off an interesting week of cross training, the writing is coming along more easily.

Last week’s training has one fairly consistent theme – yoga. Yoga has been part of my weekly routine with a one hour class once a week. Last week, that was brought to a whole new level as all told, I did four and a half hours of yoga, as well as a little bit of time on the mag trainer. Did I mention that part of my yoga adventures included my first experience with “acroyoga”? Not sure what that is? Read on, MacDuff!


Monday, February 2

1 hour cross-training on mag trainer.

Nothing special, moderate effort to get a good sweat happening. I’m really glad I invested in this piece of equipment.

Tuesday, February 3

1 hour cross-training on mag trainer.

Pretty much an exact duplicate of my Monday workout. Glad my ribs were not bothered by this. I would have been SUPER squirrely by this point with no training at all.


Wednesday, February 4

45 minutes of yoga

The plan was to potentially go for a short run, or even a ski with a friend, but my ribs were still iffy. Oh, and it was minus one bajillion outside. I don’t think I’m even exaggerating. Silly winter. We ended up doing a really cool kundalini yoga workout from youtube. It was quite different from my normal yoga practice, but little did I know how that would be the theme for the rest of the week!! Here is part of the workout…

Thursday, February 5

1 hour of yoga

This is my weekly “stretch and unwind” class at Nava Yoga. I can honestly say that this is consistently one of the highlights of my week. It has definitely helped my physical maintenance and flexibility, but I feel like it has had even greater mental benefits as I always feel so much calmer and centered after this class. This was even better though, as Stacey was home a day early from school (due to weather concerns) and got to attend this class with me.

Friday, February 6

1 hour of yoga

A three day yoga streak! Another different yoga workout via youtube. It was another kundalini workout, with simple movements but way tougher than you would think. Very invigorating and fun to keep experimenting with my yoga practice.

Saturday, February 7

2 hours of acroyoga

Four days of yoga in a row and this was by far and away the most challenging and enjoyable yoga I have ever attempted. Acroyoga combines yoga, acrobatics and healing and is an amazingly challenging workout. Apparently, it gets easier but I can tell you that several days later my arms and back are still not entirely sure what the heck happened. If you are interested in yoga or even trying new things in general and get a chance to try this out then you absolutely should! My one regret is not getting pictures of my adventure – but I will include a couple of pics of things I actually tried (from base and flyer positions).

Bow Pose

Bow Pose

Throne Pose

Throne Pose

Sunday, February 8

22 km running (half marathon, plus warm up and cool down)

Hypothermic Half Marathon

With my back and the backs of my legs questioning “What did you DO?” and it being a bajillion below zero, I wasn’t sure about this race, but it turned out really great. I feel that I’m finally back on track and have a race result to prove it to myself.

Even with a few days off before the race, the combination of cross training, being patient with myself and listening to my body really seems to be working. Looking forward to getting back into running regularly again and also getting ready for my next race in April!

Happy running!!