Taking a few days off of running made it so that I wasn’t really feeling like writing about it much either. I’m very happy that I didn’t start spiraling with negative thoughts – most likely because my few days off was not leg related and I was able to at least do some work on my mag trainer.

Sunday was my first “official” (as in, I paid for it) event of 2015 as for the third consecutive winter, I participated in the Running Room Hypothermic Half Marathon in Moncton. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, given that the conditions this time of year are pretty unpredictable. I’ve also only been able to really get back into training again the past few weeks, putting in just short of 200 km in January.

It had been almost 2 weeks since I’d run at all (other than an aborted attempt last weekend that totalled 2km) but I was feeling pretty good. My primary goal was to finish pain free and at least get a solid tempo run in, regardless of temperature or road condition. I felt that if the roads were clear and my side didn’t hurt, I should be able to match my time in PEI (1:55).

Prerace - judging myself a lot at this point.

Prerace – judging myself a lot at this point.

I fuelled up pretty well on Saturday as well as the morning of the race and actually slept really well the night before, which is unusual for me. I did have a little snag with my planning for fuelling during the race, as I hadn’t realized that I had used my stock of Espresso Love Gu up completely. I also didn’t have any Nuun left – but that wasn’t as big a deal as I planned on going without bottles due to the temp and grabbing fluids at each station.

Luckily, my friend Reg had an extra Gu to give me and while it wasn’t Espresso, it was a flavour that I had used before (chocolate) so I wasn’t too worried about upsetting my stomach. The last thing I wanted to deal with in -30 windchill was an unplanned bathroom stop.

I won’t do a detailed, blow by blow review of the event (you can find that on BibRave) but at the end of the run, I was super thrilled to finish in a time of almost exactly 1:49. This was actually my second fastest official half marathon time and only a little over 2 minutes off of my PB. To say I was surprised and pleased would definitely be an understatement.


Happy to be finished 🙂

Even though I didn’t get a PB or win any awards (not that it actually matters) but I did successfully defend my title of being first at the post-race brunch. For three years running, I have been the first to the buffet – even with the change of location this year, I would not be denied!!

defending champ!

defending champ!

I have a few posts to catch up on this week, and hopefully you will check them out. As always, let me know how your weekend went as well. I always love hearing from you and about your running adventures too!

Happy running!