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Blizzard season is upon us and many runners find this time of year quite physically and mentally challenging. Alongside the media promoting we are experiencing weekly “Storms of the Century”, the reality for those of us in northern climes, is that there are obstacles we must compete with to stay on top of our training. To help you keep your sanity and perhaps even give you a smile, here are some ways for my fellow runners to survive the next (and next….and next…..and next) snowstorm!

 1. Plan a dream race-cation!!

Want to give Jack Frost the old middle-finger? What better way than to plan a warm weather destination race? It doesn’t have to be for this year, or even within budget – but it could provide a pleasant distraction as well as something to work towards. Think of it as planning your escape route! Start with google or even by throwing the question out to your running friends – getting your mind thinking of more positive days ahead is a good way to avoid the winter crush.

Great Wall Marathon, perhaps? This could be you!

Great Wall Marathon, perhaps? This could be you!

 2. Consider taking up a running related craft or hobby

You can turn old race shirts in to a blanket of bag. Recycle and re-use those bibs! Build elaborate sculptures from your empty Nuun containers and Body Glide sticks. The possibilities are endless! You could even make a life-like voodoo dolls of the weather person who continues to ruin your life by telling you about all of this horrible weather. Don’t they know you’ve got to get those miles in???

Sorry @turbona...nothing personal :)

Sorry @turbona…nothing personal 🙂

 3. Read a running related book

If you’re like me, you likely have a pile of running books sitting on your shelf or floor – or both. Maybe you’ve read them all and maybe you haven’t, I don’t judge. I have a lot of running related books to catch up on and need to find the time to read them, so a snowstorm seems like a good time to do that, don’t you agree? If it is about a new philosophy or training approach, I may learn something that is going to help with my training. If it’s motivational or inspirational, it’s going to lift my spirits regardless and help me focus on how great the next run will feel, rather than to mourn for the run I’ve lost due to weather.

Time for a reading marathon

Time for a reading marathon

4. Organize your running gear or do running laundry

Come on….admit it – you’ve secretly got a mishmash of running related items somewhere, don’t you? Whether it’s the drawer filled with medals, bibs and safety pins, the pile of sneakers of various (and often dubious) conditions or the pile of laundry that is threatening to go for a run without you, we’ve all got one (or more) of these messes. You can feel productive, keep running at the forefront of your mind and maybe even recall some forgotten but fond memories of running to keep you smiling through the storm.

So pretty...

So pretty…

5. Go for a run anyway

Badass miles count for at least double. Plus, you get to take those selfies with icicles hanging from your nose and post them all over the place. It’s also fun to run in weather and wonder what is going through the minds of the people in vehicles as they pass you. For the record, most of the time what they are thinking is some variation of “That person is an idiot.” And we are. But we’re also the happiest idiots in the world. Just wear lots of bright and shiny clothes, have proper traction, and be aware of traffic and it’s all good.

Yay, winter running!

Yay, winter running!

Happy running!!