Another week in the books! Here’s how my training was the past 7 days.


45 minutes cross training (bike).

After Sunday’s long run which was partially at a faster than planned pace, it was tempting to rest completely. I decided to get on the bike at home and see how things felt. Within a couple of minutes I knew it was a good idea as my legs needed the light work to shake out. I didn’t worry about messing around with effort and just had a nice light workout.


16 km run (outside)

Motivation was HARD TO FIND this week. It took me quite a while to get my butt out the door and push past the little voice telling me to just stay home. I felt like it was a character building run as the hardest step was definitely the first. I didn’t worry about pace at all and was super proud that I didn’t skip this run.


30 minutes cross training (bike)

1 hour secret running themed meeting

Consult with naturopath/holistic nutritionist

I’m excited about the secret running themed meeting I had this week, so I had to mention it. The bike ride was at a moderate tempo to work on cadence and felt good. The most interesting part of the week for me was definitely the professional consult I had with a friend who is a registered naturopath and holistic nutritionist. I’ve identified healthier eating as a work in progress and it’s really interesting to really look at all of the different aspects of the food we put in out body. This means not just the nutritional aspects, but things that benefit our mood, energy and even how well we recover from (or even avoid) certain injuries.


11 km tempo (treadmill)

1 hour of yoga

I’m really digging the lunchtime yoga class on Thursday. It’s very relaxed and the time of day and of the week both seem to be a perfect fit. Another huge thanks and shout out to Leanne at Nava Yoga – so awesome.

Truth be told, I could have probably run outside on Thursday but, as I mentioned previously, motivation was very difficult to come by this week. The nice thing about the treadmill is that I do not have to continuously check my Garmin or wonder about what my pace is – the machine does all of that work for me. I did a small warm up followed by three miles at an 8:13 per mile pace and three miles at an 8:00 per mile pace. I ended the workout with a cool down and some stretching. I was really happy with this run.


Total rest day. Giving myself one of these a week. Guilt free.


26 km long run

Once again it was hard to get out the door, but once I did it was fantastic! I had a goal of at least 20 km in mind and ended up running a new route and just let my legs lead the way. It was a perfect day weather wise and I just focused on my breathing and effort, both of which I wanted to keep very comfortable. My pace was consistently around 5:50 per km, sometimes a little slower, a few a little faster but it was one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. 40 minutes of stretching afterwards.



Total rest. I intended to do some cross training, but life got a little busy and after pushing my long run further than intended, I though another rest day wouldn’t be all bad. No guilt.

Pretty good week! I’m very happy with my health and my progress so far!

I hope you’ve had a good week too. I’d love to hear from you on how your 2015 is going!


75 minutes cross training (bike)

1 hour of yoga

53 km running (179 km in 2015 so far)

Happy running!