Continuing my weekly Monday routine, here is how the past seven days have gone for me training wise!



35 minutes of biking (mag trainer). Cross training day to shake out the legs after the 22km run the previous day.


45 minutes of cross-country skiing. I haven’t been skiing in a few years, but I have always enjoyed it. I may have to make this a more regular way of cross training this winter, at least to mix it up.


10 km run on the treadmill. 1 mi warmup, 3 mi at 8:20/mi, 1.25 mi at 8:00/mi, 1 mi cooldown. I enjoy mixing up the tempo on the treadmill – it’s fun to play around with incline as well.


25 minutes on bike. Meant to do more, but dishes were broken, chaos was had and I just wasn’t feeling it. Blah.


25 minutes on bike. Felt like I needed to make up for my lameness on Wednesday’s bike effort.

1 hour of yoga. Continuing my weekly yoga practice at Nava Yoga. Sooooo good.

16 km tempo run, 5:25min/km pace. Felt really good, especially the first half of this run, but still strong on the back half as well. Could have pushed harder but want to stick to goal paces and keep gradually building. This run also pushed me over 100 km for the year so far – so that’s something.


Complete day of rest. Wasn’t necessarily planned as such, but why not? Trying to make sure I have one of these every week.


1 hour stationary bike. It was initially a planned long run day, but with the legs still feeling it a little from Thursday’s tempo run and it being SO FREAKING COLD, I decided a cross training day was the best plan. I figured riding indoors while watching the rebel exploits on the ice planet of Hoth was like being outside. But sooooo much warmer.


20 km long run. First 9 km easy (just under 6 min/km), 1 km at 4:58. Second 10 km less easy with 7 km between 4:55 and 5:15, last 3 k at 5:45. Turned into at least a partial (more than) tempo run. This is what happens when you run with people who have already qualified for Boston. Their easy = your “kinda wish you had stayed in bed”. Glad I did it though! Did 30 minutes of stretching once I got home (as I did the run in Amherst).


48 km of running

1 hour 25 minutes on stationary bike

1 hour of yoga

45 minutes of cross country skiing

Overall not a bad week. Acceptable gains in my tempo running and also I’m pleased to keep up with consistent cross-training. I feel as though posting my weekly training is also making me more accountable, at least for now. Hopefully, that trend will continue! How about you – how was your week? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great day and happy running!!