It was a very productive week training wise, capped off with my longest run since the half marathon in Charlottetown back in October. Overall, I’m pleased with my progress and although I find running on every other day a little difficult (as I want to be running pretty much every day), I can’t argue with how good I’ve been feeling and the progress I seem to be making.


The week started with a 13 km run outside on the road. It was a little chilly and my goal was to do between 10 and 16 km. I decided to split the difference and did 13 at a steady effort. I was tempted to do 16, but didn’t want to add too many miles to the week, knowing that I had a longer run planned for Sunday. After the run, I did 25 minutes of stretching.


Forty-five minute massage appointment. I’ve decide to be more proactive in my maintenance in 2015. This doesn’t mean a weekly massage (or even monthly, necessarily – that would never be plausible budget-wise) but it does mean to listen to my body. Late in December, I had a little quad tightness that gave me pause, so decided to check in with my massage therapist. Well worth it to prevent bigger problems.


In the evening, I also did 30 minutes on my TacX trainer – ten easy, ten moderate, ten easy. I do like having something I can do at home if the weather gets really awful. Plus, yay cross training!


This was my first treadmill day of the year. The only time I wear headphones while running is while I am on a treadmill. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane, especially when it’s just easy miles. Admittedly, tempo or speed play on a treadmill isn’t so bad – but this wasn’t the workout. 10 km in 55 minutes, just plugging away. Again, I am grateful to have the option to do this, so please slap me if I get too whiny.


Thursday will be my yoga day for the next 12 weeks (at least) as I found the class I took last semester as good for my mental health as much as my physical. I have a one hour class at noon on Thursday called “Stretch and Unwind” and it’s awesome. In fact, if you are from or ever around Sackville, I can’t recommend Nava Yoga enough – Leanne is awesome.

Another 30 minutes on the trainer in the evening, same as Tuesday. Thirty minutes total with ten easy, ten moderate and ten easy.


My second treadmill run of the week, but much more enjoyable. 10 km total, with a 1 mi warmup, followed by 3 mi at an 8:34/mi pace and 1 mi at 8:20 with a cool down of just over a mile at 9:13. Did this with an incline of 1.0, as I find it feels more comparable to outside and apparently also replicates wind resistance? I dunno, but I loved the workout.



Complete rest day.


Long run day. It was a beautiful day and I was able to take advantage of very little wind and decent road conditions (for the most part). I logged 22 km for the day and just kind of went where my legs took me. Most roads were clear, or at least partially clear and traffic was light (even by Sackville standards). My route was decently hilly and I was still able to keep a decent, steady pace between 5:40 and 5:50 per km for the entire run. Definitely a great day and I would describe the effort as pretty easy and I felt strong. A great way to end the week! Cooled down with over 30 minutes of stretching.



1 hour cross training on trainer

1 hour of yoga

55 km of running

Have a great week and happy running!