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Only a week to go until Christmas Eve and I actually have all of my shopping done (I think). Being so productive, I thought it may be useful to share some thoughts of last minutes gift ideas for the runners in your life – or for yourself (hey, you deserve it!!).

Energy gels – for non-runners, these little packets of goo (or Gu) are the most disgusting and confusing things. However, for many runners they are tiny parcels of delicious joy. It’s a nice way to try out new flavours (if you’re adventurous) or just get a few extra gels.

My personal favourite!

My personal favourite!

KT Tape – Taping is something that you see more and more these days. From my limited experience with it, the product is great for various nagging issues. There are also plenty of youtube tutorials on its use as well, and it’s a nice thing to have in your handy dandy runners tool-kit (which if you don’t have one, you should).

So many colours!

So many colours!

FlipBelt – This is a product that I got to try out recently thanks to the folks at BibRave, and I love it. I often have to run with my car keys and my phone, which jingle and bounce around and generally annoy the heck out of me. With the FlipBelt, I can carry my keys, my phone a bank card, spare change, gels and any other number of things and I don’t even notice them. The belt holds things in quite snugly and is very comfortable. It can also be made quite compact, which makes it perfect for the stocking!!



Socks – Specialty socks made for running are another item I was sceptical about until I actually started using them myself. I swear by my running socks for comfort and keeping me (mostly) blister free year round. I actually really love my breath thermo Mizuno socks for winter running as well as my Pro Compression socks for longer runs.


Road ID – If you have a medical condition or have a loved one that you’d like to give a little more peace of mind when you head out for a long run, then a Road ID is a must have. Lightweight, customizable and comfortable, more and more runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes are investing in the bracelets.


Reflective Strips – Keeping with the safety theme, although a lot of running gear (especially winter gear) has reflective logos or stripes, for darker runs or poorly lit areas you can never be too visible. Whether it’s a roll of reflective tape or reusable velcro strips, they are practical and make a great stocking stuffer.



Bodyglide – Chafing is one of the major enemies of the long distance runner. Most of us have been chafed in places we didn’t even know it was possible to chafe. Body glide or similar products are terrific for cutting down on those super unpleasant memories formed when the shower water hits those spots you’ve missed.


Massage Roller/Ball – A travel roller or massage tool is a nice addition to any runner’s kit bag. There are a lot of varieties of roller both in the stick or ball style that are great to put in a carry-on bag or even keep in the glove compartment of your car.


Yoga Strap – As more runners add yoga to their routine or take stretching more seriously, they may need (or benefit from) some things to help them build their strength and flexibility. Yoga straps are versatile, relatively non-expensive and are very useful in assisting in many leg stretches that benefit runners.


I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of fun and interesting suggestions – what is on your wish list or what are other things you’ve seen and thought would be good for the other runners in your life? I would love to hear from you and also hear your thoughts on my list!!


Happy running!!