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If you’ve been following my blog since the early days (and thank you, if you have) or if you happen to follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that a product I’m a pretty big fan of is Sport Suds. I was provided a sample and reviewed them back in April and was super impressed by the product and how well it cleaned my clothes, especially my uber-stinky running gear. It is also hypoallergenic which is great for my family, as my older son is allergic to most additives to many detergents. I could go on and on, but I will save time by just linking you to their page here. Check it out for yourself and be the judge.

Recently, I was actually offered the opportunity to be an ambassador for Sport Suds and I jumped at the opportunity. I’d already been telling people about the product at every opportunity and use it every day myself, so how could I resist?

As a kick off to being an ambassador, I’m hosting a giveaway over on my weekly Atlantic Canada running chat that is held each Sunday on Twitter. The winner of the contest will win a laundry room combo pack. If you haven’t tried the product and are curious about it or if you have tried it and would love to get some for FREE (!!) here is what you have to do to enter my little contest.

Step One – Head over to Twitter and make sure you give @sportsuds a follow. While you’re there, give my twitter chat handle @RunAtCan a follow as well. It’s not mandatory, but you are also encouraged to like Sport Suds on Facebook as well. It’s worthwhile, as you will hear about specials and other contests/giveaways.

Step Two – Any time you send a tweet between now and Sunday night, simply include the hashtags #RunAtCan AND #laundryrescue – the tweet does not have to be about the contest or related at all. Each time you use both of those tags in a tweet, you will get an entry in the contest. After my chat this Sunday (which is at 8 pm AST), a winner will be announced! Pretty easy, right?

Hope to see you on Twitter and on our chat!

Happy running!