If you’re someone who regularly reads my blog, follows me on twitter or happens to actually know me outside of the virtual world, you’ll know that I’ve had a frustrating year. Frustrating because it started with such a positive vibe and early season successes and then came crashing back to earth. Injuries once again reared their ugly head, halting all forward momentum and drastically reducing the frequency of my runs and my overall mileage.

“Crashing back to earth” is, of course, me being hyperdramatic but it certainly describes how I’ve felt at various points for the majority of 2014. A couple of things have recently dawned on me though – or rather, I’ve remembered previous lessons and need to work on reminding myself of these lesson. Part of that reminding is putting it down in words and sharing it with whoever happens to read those words.

1) Shit happens – And by shit happens, I mean INJURIES HAPPEN. There are approximately zero people out there who haven’t been injured at one point or another in their lives. Sometimes it keeps them from doing whatever they love for a short period of time. Sometimes it doesn’t keep them from doing it at all. Other times, it keeps them from ever doing it again. Which leads me to point two, which is….

2) Perspective – Being stuck in my house on my trainer or doing exercises recommended to me by my doctor or physiotherapist rather than running in my new shoes is something that bums me out. Read that sentence again. There is a whole lot of PRIVELEGE in that sentence, isn’t there? House, doctor, physiotherapist, working legs, new shoes – hell, the ability to write that sentence on my freaking computer!! Honestly, even with my worst injuries – I live a privileged life and need to remember that.

3) An ounce of PREVENTION – I am hoping that this particular lesson sticks this time. I have to accept that I simply cannot react to tweaks, twinges and pains any more – I need to be proactive and work to be more complete and balanced with regards to my strength and fitness. I am trying to incorporate daily strengthening exercises for my legs and core as well as stretching (yoga, etc) on a regular basis – not just after running.

Most injuries are preventable and certainly don’t have to become as serious as they often do by simply LISTENING TO YOUR BODY. Rest can be as beneficial as training sometimes and giving your body a chance to recover and get stronger has long term benefits that are well documented. As well, waiting until you actually feel something is wrong and reacting to things is the best way to repeatedly end up on the shelf – and for longer than necessary.

What are your thoughts? Are you frustrated by repeatedly being injured? Do you have a cross training routine that helps you stay on your feet and avoid the injury bug? I’d love to hear from you!


Happy running!