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I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been writing so sporadically lately, but I feel as though it has some correlation to the running – or relative lack, thereof – in my life. This isn’t going to be a “woe is me” piece of writing and despite the title, it will also have little to nothing to do with superstitions. I’m just taking the approach that I will start to write and see what comes out. Dangerous? Perhaps. Boring? Possibly. Random? Almost assuredly.

My First Injury of the Year. Or is it?

That is literally the first time I have spoken (or written) some level of acknowledgement to my current status. There is definitely still some aspect of denial happening, but the bottom line is that I cannot currently run pain free, which is by definition, an injury. I’m still confident that it is only minor, but the pain in my hip is not something that I can just ignore and run through. Running hasn’t made it worse, but it certainly hasn’t helped. What has helped has been reducing my mileage and doing the stretches and exercises that my physio gave me. Not ground breaking, I know, but still good for me to remind myself of rule number one – “listen to your body”.

Rejigging the Race Schedule and Goals

Fortunately, I’ve already made peace with the slowdown in my training and revaluated my schedule for 2014. The two main time goals are still the same – sub 3:45 for a full marathon and sub 1:45 for a half marathon. I’ve already registered for the PEI Marathon in October and it has become the main focus for the second half of the year. I’m more confident in getting my half marathon goal at the Fredericton Fall Classic but I’m also well aware that putting too much stock in a single race or goal is a fool’s errand. I just plan on giving myself the best chance of success possible and be ok with whatever happens.

The biggest change I’ve made in my race schedule is to change the distance I will be running at next month’s Northface Endurance Challenge in Ontario. Instead of trying my first ultra, I will instead be doing the half marathon. Given that I haven’t done a trail race before and I have specific goals for my fall races now, I finally relented and made the decision to change events. Add in the issues I’ve been having with my hip and it really is a no brainer. Plus, my amazing wife has already said that if I want to, I can go back there next summer to do the 50 km event. She’s definitely a keeper!!

As an added bonus, I have an amazing guide for my trip to Toronto – Michelle from michelletherunner.com It will be great being able to dip my toe into the Toronto running scene with someone who is so involved with the community. This trip will be my first real racecation so I’m really planning on just enjoying the experience, meeting some of the TO runners I’ve gotten to know on Twitter and diving in to the trail running experience.

I also caved in to the temptation and registered for the other races in the Atlantic Chip Ultimate Challenge. This means that I will be doing the 5 km events at the Miramichi Rock n Run, Marathon by the Sea and Legs for Literacy. Having already done the full at Fredericton and the 5k at the Bluenose, I will pick up three “bonus” medals for competing in all 6 events. I don’t know how I feel about challenges – I guess I’ll have more of an opinion come October.

Happy Running!!