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Through Twitter, I have been very fortunate to meet, communicate and learn from an amazing community of runners. One of the things I enjoy most about meeting runners this way is that I get exposed to a lot of new information, races and products. One product that intrigued me from the first time I noticed it was Sunski Sunglasses. After seeing several pictures of runners in the Toronto area wearing these glasses I had to get more information.

After a little bit of contact, as well as Michelle from michelletherunner vouching for me, Martina sent me a pair of Sunskis to test out, review and share my thoughts on. As with any of my reviews, I’m not being paid for it and all of the thoughts offered here are my own.

I know this is going to come off as one of my more lopsided reviews, but I really can’t help it. I can’t sugar coat it in any way at all – I am a HUGE fan of these sunglasses. They are super fun, look great, work really well and are amazingly priced – especially for a functional pair of sunglasses that you can comfortably wear during training and racing as well as when you’re just oot and aboot.

The Info Stuff

There are two main styles of Sunski glasses – Originals (which have a clear plastic frame) and Headlands (which are a matte black frame) each style you can see in the pic above. There are only a few styles of each, but it is still a good variety. Frames are a lightweight plastic and lenses are mirrored and polarized. They are not sold anywhere in Atlantic Canada, but they do ship here and shipping is quite fast. Online sales are available through highflute.com. They originate from Australia, and have quite an interesting story behind them – which you can also read about by clicking here!

The Good Stuff

The Look – I love, love, love how Sunskis look. They are a little kitschy and retro but those are both big plusses in my book. Literally every single time I am wearing them someone comments on them and asks me about them.

The Comfort – One of the things that surprised me about these sunglasses is how well they fit. I knew I would like the style as that is what drew me to them in the first place. I was not expecting to be able to run, especially race or do speed work while wearing these glasses. Turns out I was wrong. During any workout and several races, my Sunskis did not budge at all. They stay comfortably in place and there was no slipping at all from movement or sweat. The earpieces did not pinch at all and are flexible for a variety of head sizes. (Widths? Shapes? You know what I mean…)

The Cost – Both styles of Sunskis normally retail for $64 dollars and occasionally (like, right now!) they are on sale for less than $60. If you have explored prices for sunglasses you can run with, you know that this is a very reasonable price point.


The Less Good Stuff

Side Glare – Some runners really prefer the wraparound style of sunglasses because they feel it gives a more complete blockage of the sun. If you are one of these runners, then Sunski glasses might not be for you – at least not for running and racing. I have run with both styles of sunglasses and personally don’t have a preference either way.


Availability – As with so many of the things I have reviewed here on my blog, Sunskis are not (as of yet) available at any retail locations in Atlantic Canada. The only way that is going to change is if you start asking about them at your favourite running/cycling/accessory shops. As mentioned, online purchase is certainly an option and they are shipped from within Canada, so obviously delivery here is easy peasy.

Collectability – Why is this not so good? You may find that after getting a pair of Sunskis, that you want another. And another. Then you’ll start thinking “I need all of the styles.” I’m not kidding – it could happen. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel as though I should warn you about their collectable and addictive nature!


Conclusiony Stuff

I have no hesitation in giving this product two thumbs up. Highflute (the Canadian distributer) is a great company to deal with and the sunglasses are of a high quality at a great price. Be sure to check out their website