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This is likely going to be the last post I will be writing until after the Fredericton Marathon. It’s not that I don’t have time – in fact, thanks to tapering, etc – I have more time than usual, but I’m finding myself rather focused on the race itself. I have definitely reached the point of taper where I know that I am as trained as I can be, which is great because my training was all (relatively) within my control. The down side is that pretty much until the starting gun goes off on Sunday morning, I will be thinking about all of the things that are out of my control as well as dealing with completely irrational concerns. I thought it would be fun to create a list of the weirdest concerns/fears.

1. What if I sleep in and miss the race? Or worse, breakfast?!!

This is a common fear for anyone and everyone when they have an early morning commitment. For marathon day, it’s a double fear as I don’t have to worry about just missing the race but I need to be awake early enough to eat breakfast. If I don’t eat enough or eat it early enough, it could mean trouble during the race – in various and disturbing ways.


2. I need to cut my toe nails. What if I mess up and injure myself???

I’m betting I’m not the only person out there with this particular fear, but maybe I am. Cutting a nail too short, leaving a jagged, microscopic piece that causes irritation (read:blood and pain) during the race would be awful. What if I somehow promote a blister by handling my feet too much? The angst goes on and on. Maybe I should book a pedicure next time. But they better leave my callouses alone, dammit!!


3. I could get lost. Or pointed in the wrong direction!!!

Oh sure, there are countless amazing volunteers at every turn. And bibs are coded by distance. And there are lots of signs. And there will be hundreds of people doing the race. And there is no chance on God’s green earth that I will be leading the race. And most of the race is on a trail.


4. I hope I don’t forget my shoes. I can’t run barefoot. Or in new shoes!

I know I won’t forget my shoes. There’s no way that would happen. They are the single most important piece of equipment for every runner. And yet….what if?


5. What if a freak blizzard occurs and the marathon turns into some “Made for TV” movie??? Who will play me?

Will I even be a main character? I’m not fast enough to warrant top billing or even a supporting role. I think I’ll have to high five or scream encouragement at everyone (runners, volunteers, squirrels, trees, etc) to be memorable. At the very least then, someone would get billed as “overenthusiastic runner” in the credits. And I’d like to say Brad Pitt would want my role. But it’s more likely to go to someone like Andy Dick.


6. What if I swallow a bug, choke, trip up, then fall and hit my head and get trampled?

Hey, it’s 42. 2 km. A lot could happen!