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Here we are – just thirteen days away from the Fredericton Marathon. I get more excited by the day, especially now that the extended forecast includes race day. For some reason, that makes it seem more real. Of course, with the way the weather has been behaving this spring so far, a long range forecast is a crap shoot at best. This past week alone I was able to run in a t-shirt and shorts, got a run in before a couple of inches of snow fell and was forced to do 20 km on the treadmill due to low temperatures and a torrential rainfall. Atlantic Canada – if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes!

Week one of my three week taper went pretty well as I got all of my runs in without much issue. Ironically, one of my shortest runs of the week, which was supposed to be 6 km I cut off at 5 km because my legs just were not happy. I had a lot of general achiness and as it was the day after my 20 km on treadmill, I stopped and walked home. A few months ago, I would never had had the patience or wherewithal to stop a run. When I was younger and certainly since I returned to running, that is likely the cause of most of my injuries – stubbornly finishing a run when I didn’t feel right and not listening to my body.  Even though the run itself sucked, I felt great about my decisions and the rest of my training this week went awesome which was great positive reinforcement.

Even though I am tapering, I am still tinkering with a couple of things in preparation for race day. I am concerned with fueling/water as I expect that the conditions for Fredericton are going to be warmer than October. Although, who knows really? I’ve switched from Powerade to Nuun and water for my hydration belt. The carbonation took a bit to get used to, but I find it less sweet than the bottled sports drinks which is always better for me as the run gets longer. On Sunday’s long run I also tried the Clif Bar Shot Bloks for the first time. They were really yummy, but I’m not sure about chewing something that has the texture of jujubes while running a marathon. Maybe if I practice with them a little more, but I will likely stick with GU for now (no pun intended).

I also finally have my first really pair of compression socks (thanks, BibRave!). I will be doing a more thorough review of them shortly, but this week I did three runs of various length in my new ProCompression socks (and they are orange – I freakin’ LOVE orange) and I also wore them after my long treadmill workout. So far, I’ve been impressed and they are certainly comfortable to run in – so you if you’re in Fredericton on the 11th, look for the dude in the orange knee highs – that’s me!

There are a lot of other fun, behind the scenes things happening in my running world as well, which I excited to share over the coming days and weeks. Racing season is getting in full gear and it’s shaping up to be an amazing few months. Stay tuned for some fun announcements coming soon and thanks for reading.


Happy Running!!