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I have a love hate relationship with laundry in my house. That is, I love to hate it. Being a SAHD (stay at home dad) means that I am responsible for the vast majority of cleaning in our house and laundry is no exception. What is exceptional for the laundry situation in my house is the fact that finding a product that I can actually use AND works. I was recently provided with a sample of Sport Suds to review for my blog. I had heard a lot of buzz about the product on twitter, but when it comes to cleaning products I’m pretty sceptical.

For one thing, both of my sons (and to a lesser extent, me) have sensitive skin. My younger son seems to be allergic to some types of detergents, while my older son is fairly sensitive to anything containing perfumes or dyes. Right away, that takes care of the vast majority of cleaning products. Generally, we settle on Purex (sans dyes and perfumes), which does a pretty good job on the boys clothing, but then our third obstacle comes into play – my running gear.

Tech shirts, dri-fit shorts, running socks and all sorts of other wonderful gear (I haven’t quite put away the winter stuff yet) are great for keeping you dry and comfy on those long runs, but they also seem to absorb any and all odours you and your sweaty bod produce. I have found that a lot of my gear needs to be washed twice to get all trace of odours out – and if I’ve warn it twice between washes, all bets are off. That’s the curse of really good wicking materials – they do hang on to the minerals, etc from your sweat as well – at least in my experience.

The Good Stuff

1) It works! This has probably been the most pleasantly surprising product I’ve tested yet, but I can honestly say it met and exceeded my expectations. For one, it actually did a great job of cleaning my tech stuff, as well as regular laundry. The running gear has come out odour free each time I have tried Sport Suds – including a couple of times that some gear had been worn more than once.

2) Hypoallergenic. As mentioned above, my kids are pretty sensitive to various detergents, so I was a little hesitant to try Sport Suds on their clothes, but I decided to give it a shot. Neither of my kids had any issues or reactions to having their clothes washed in Sport Suds which is always a plus.

3) Environmental consciousness. As you can see by exploring their website, everything about Sport Suds is done with minimizing environmental impact. The ingredients, the amount needed per wash and even the packaging all give proof to this aspect of the business.

The Not So Good Stuff

1) The price. Compared to a lot of regular detergents, the price per load is higher. My running gear loads tend to be on the smaller side anyway, so I rarely use a full scoop and it has worked just fine. Still, you can experience a little sticker shock compared to what you pay for detergents at the supermarket. They do have sales and discounts regularly, which helps.

2) Availability. There is literally only one place to find Sport Suds within 160 km of where I live. This will likely expand in the near future, but I’m certainly not driving to Halifax just for detergent. They do offer online shopping which is great, but that also adds shipping costs.


Bottom Line

Overall, I really think that this is a great product for runners and other athletes. The cost is a little daunting but if you’ve had problems with having to wash your gear repeatedly or finding it hard to completely eliminate odours, then it is worth trying. Being effective while also being usable for those with allergies or sensitive skin is another plus which means that for me, it is a product I will definitely continue to use


Happy running!!