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Preambly, Schpiely Stuff

I’ve had the privilege and enjoyment of reviewing a couple of neat products in the first couple months of my blog but this is the first time I am reviewing a locally produced product. Every runner will eventually deal with several universal issues – proper footwear, hydration, what to eat on before and during longer runs but the most sensitive topic (pun intended!) is chafing.

Anointment Natural Skin Care is produced in my hometown of Sackville, New Brunswick and is owned by April MacKinnon, who besides being a super busy entrepreneur is also a mom of three, beekeeper and a runner herself! Having tried various products myself to deal with chafing in mysterious and disturbing locations with mixed results, it dawned on me that there might be an answer closer to home. While at our local Saturday farmer’s market a while back I asked April if she had any products that might help with preventing. Without hesitation April suggested I try out the Anointment Soothing Skin Ointment, based on feedback she had already gotten from cyclists and runners that had already tried it themselves.

The Good Stuff

1. It works! I tried the ointment on my, um, “problem areas” under several different conditions – different numbers of layers, different types of clothing and various temperature conditions. Admittedly, I have not been able to try the ointment in really warm and humid conditions outside, but the way this winter has gone, that may not happen until, well frankly, next summer. When applied before my training, I did not experience any chafing issues at all during the workouts and didn’t experience any screaming surprise pains that runners don’t discover until they hit the showers either.

2. The smell! I really liked the smell of the ointment. Considering it’s labelled as “soothing herbs in an olive oil base”, one shouldn’t be surprised that it has a scent, but I’m used to many products these days being scent free. I liked the scent of this product but still didn’t find it overpowering.

3. The cost. At $10 per 50 g or $18 per 100 g, the price actually makes it a little less expensive than Body Glide (as one example). It’s certainly reasonable for what you’re getting and for what it does.

The Less Good Stuff

1. Application. The main issue I have with the ointment is the application. As it’s just in a jar (a pretty jar, but still a jar) you have to go with the old “dab and smear”. I’m not self-conscious enough to care about having to do that, it’s just a little messier and a little less consistent than a roll on product.

2. The smell! Even though I personally liked the smell, I know for some people that this is a deal breaker. I certainly didn’t feel like the smell permeated my clothes or anything like that, but it is not scent free (nor does it claim to be) and people should know that before buying it.

3. The oiliness. When first applying the soothing skin ointment, it does feel…greasier, I guess? That’s the most accurate descriptor I can think of in any case. Knowing the ingredients are various oils, etc, this isn’t surprising. It does work into your skin very well and any residue it left on my clothes (which was minimal) washed out without any issues or special attention needed. This issue is probably more noticeable due to the application method, as mentioned.

The Conclusiony Stuff

I can’t rightly claim complete objectivity here and even if I claimed it, I’m not sure people would fully believe me. However, I am a super passionate runner who deals regularly with chafing and I would never recommend something that helps that problem unless it really was effective. If you are looking for another solution for a similar issue or just want to try something new – than this is a product that I recommend you try. Besides solving one of your more painful “runnerprobs”, you’re also supporting a very cool business. You can find this and other Anointment products online at http://www.anointment.ca or at various independent retailers, also listed on their website.