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It’s less than 5 weeks until marathon number two and this was a good week training wise. Although a chest cold flattened me for most of the weekend, I did get my 32 km run in on Sunday. The price was reasonable as I skipped Saturday’s short 5 km shakeout run to rest instead. My legs were dead but a decent sleep combined with good morning fueling helped get me through. My weekly total was a shade over 62 km, which is my biggest mileage week to date.

I’m happy with my recovery as well, as my legs aren’t as sore today as I thought they may be. I’m still looking for things to help speed recovery and am seriously considering investing in compression socks or compression sleeves for my calves. I have heard a lot of positives from many sources about how helpful they can be. Although they do seem a little pricey, it’s hard to put a price on staying healthy and recovering from hard or long workouts more quickly. Related to that – for any of you who are Tweeters – ProCompression is sponsoring Tuesday night’s BibChat at 10 pm AST – and two random and lucky participants will win themselves a pair of ProCompression socks – sweet! You just have to follow BibRave and ProCompression on Twitter and join in the twitter chat all about training and recovery.

With the snow gradually dwindling I am getting optimistic that I will have a snow free marathon on Mother’s Day and may even be able to wear shorts and a singlet. Lofty dreams I know, but one has to stay positive after such a drawn out winter. If at any point during the warmer months any of you ever see or hear me complaining about the heat, make sure to call me out on it! Running in the heat has its own challenges, but longer days and snow free trails give a lot more options to keep training fresh and enjoyable.

On tap this week, I have a couple of runs with some marathon tempo mixed in – which are runs I always enjoy. If my chest clears soon enough, I shouldn’t have to adapt any of my workouts at all and my long run is dialed back a little bit this week. Only one more 32 km on the schedule before the taper and then before I know it, marathon day will be here.

Lastly, I’m trying to fill in some gaps on my racing calendar as I have nothing scheduled so far in June or August. There are a lot of options, but I really don’t know what distance to do or how far I’m willing to travel. Cost is always a factor, even more so now that the ultramarathon in July is pretty much a done deal. If anyone around here has suggestions on races in the Maritimes they’ve really enjoyed I would love to hear about it.

Happy running!!