Well, we’ve officially made it through another winter here in New Brunswick – and not a moment too soon! Many people in this area confine themselves to gym or have their own cardio equipment to keep their fitness level up. While some of that equipment can be cutting edge, nothing can replace getting out the door and running in the fresh air. As many of my readers are not local, I thought it would be educational to give you a peek at the latest trends in spring running gear here in the Maritimes. For the local readers, it’s more of a reminder to make sure they are prepared for the change in seasons, lest they be unprepared for the radical shift in weather. 



The latest trend in footwear is the “snowshoe”. It’s hard to get a good pace going in these bad boys, but it beats sinking waist deep in those delightful spring snow drifts! Best of all, you can go modern or retro and make a fashion statement either way! That statement? “Dear god, make it stop. Please make the snow stop!”




2013’s trend of spring snowpants is passé. For 2014, what’s “in” in Atlantic Canada is faux fur leggings. If you’re going to be exercising alongside the yeti, you may as well look like one – at least from the waist down! Fashionable and warm – you can bet you’ll turn people’s head while running in these this spring!



 puffy coat

We’ve turned back the clock again this spring. Say hello to the 1990s puffy coat look. You’ll like terrific, if not a little like the Michelin Man on those long 20 milers in your new spring running jacket. With temperatures climbing to -10 (colder with windchill), every workout will seem like run on the beach. A cold, VERY white sand beach.




Runners are always thinking multi-functional when it comes to their gear. This year’s spring lineup has kept that in mind for the runner/burglar/ninja/Batman villain in your life. The classic balaclava is back – and it’s more streamlined than ever! People will no longer wonder why in the world you’re running this spring – they’ll just assume it’s from the police!




Keeping the retro trend in mind, Atlantic Canada is bringing back “mittens on a string” – just in time for spring! You can’t find these in any store, you’ve got to get Nan on the case. It doesn’t have to be your grandmother – any Nan will do. You’ll never lose another glove on the run again!


Other popular spring accessories

A lot of items are simply flying off the shelves in anticipation of spring running. Below are just a few of the more popular things, as well as the latest discovery of an animal that makes a great running companion during the Atlantic Canadian spring (they really do smell awful – on the outside and inside).