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Sundog Bolt Mela-Lens Review

Despite this winter being the absolute longest in recorded history (at least my recorded history), I have heard rumours that someday we will see Spring. And then, if Mother Nature relents just a little bit more, we may actually get to Summer.

With that optimistic thought in mind, I was lucky enough to be provided with a pair of sunglasses to try out by Sundog Eyewear – no strings attached. All opinions within this review are my own and are my honest take on this product.

One benefit to this absolutely crazy winter is that over the period of a couple of weeks, I was able to try the glasses out in quite a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Everything from rain, sleet and snow and temperatures as cold as -25 with the wind chill up to just above freezing. Welcome to the Maritimes, I guess!!

The first thing I will say is that glasses are very comfortable to wear. They fit well and are light weight, which is nice as I often have difficulty finding a comfortable fit. The look of the glasses is fairly standard, although the tinting of the brown lens and white frame are not super common, which is nice.

The tint on my glasses actually takes a little bit to get used to and obviously changes the colours of things slightly. The mela-lens does do a solid job and sharpening your view and making things clearer in sunlight which is also great. The crux of the mela-lens technology is that it filter out harmful UV light as well as blue light beyond UV on the spectrum.

I ran with various headgear on while wearing the glasses, including a balaclava, three different toques (yay, winter!!), a baseball cap and no headgear at all. With the tightest fitting toque, I did find the glasses pinched a little above my ears, but that was definitely more a function of the hat. With the slightly more relaxed fitting toque, there was not issue with the glasses and they felt very comfortable. Even with the balaclava on, I had no issues of comfort with the glasses. While running at a high tempo there was no issue of movement with the glasses as they stayed snug and in place.

In the coldest temperatures when I was wearing the balaclava or had a toque pulled low on my forehead, I did find that there was an issue with fogging. The glasses have a vented design, putting a small space between the upper lens and the frame but while working hard on a very cold day, I still fogged up. The fogging never lasted long, but it was distracting when it occurred. With warmer temperatures (anything above minus 10), I didn’t have any issue at all with fogging.

The lenses also handled various precipitation fairly well as well. Again at the colder temperatures, there was some streaking when I wiped the lens with my hand/glove but it quickly dissipated. With precipitation closer to the freezing point or with no wind, I didn’t have any issue with streaking. In heavy snow or rain, you’re going to get the same as with any other sunglasses or eyewear – wet and wishing for automatic wipers.

Overall, the Sundog Bolt Mela-Lens offers a pretty good option for those looking to get a solid pair of performance sunglasses. They won’t break the bank and they hold up well under a range of conditions. The fogging issue at colder temps is unfortunate with the Atlantic Canada winter, but isn’t a deal breaker. I will continue to use mine throughout the summer and will be sure to update this review if any other details of note become apparent! The glasses are available locally at the Running Room or through their website at http://sundogeyewear.com

Happy running!