I swear, my blog isn’t turning into a “shoe-tying” blog. Although saying that it makes me wonder if such a thing exists. (Note to self – google “shoe-tying blog” later). My last post on the “better” shoe tying method seemed fairly popular and it’s something a number of people on twitter have told me they have tried. One of them (Michelle) even showed me her fancy schmancy tying job – as seen below. She also has her own  blog over at http://michelletherunner.com/ which you go and check out. (After you are done here – lots of time!!).


Michelle also encouraged me to check out another shoe tying technique called butterfly lacing. Butterfly lacing, besides being very prettily named, is used by a lot of runners and is apparently quite useful in helping your shoes fit more snugly all the way around. This is good for keeping the backs of your shoes from chafing your heels and also reduces black toe.

I’ve started using the butterfly lacing on my Mizuno Wave Rider 17’s which are just a shade too big for me (in the smallest size they are available in – sigh). I was sceptical at first, not knowing how the lacing would tighten up the shoe altogether, but so far it really does seem to help. I’m only wearing the Wave Riders on short runs for now, but I have noticed a better fit and less slippage at the heel, whether walking or running.

Check out the super instructional video from youtube posted by “letsgofree” and give it a try. Let me know how it works out or if you have any other helpful tips – shoelace related or not! Leave a comment and a link to your running blog if you have one!

Happy running!