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With a 9 am gun time tomorrow, I already have my pre-race routine set out. I’ll be up at 6 am to shower (it helps me wake up and makes sure I don’t crawl back into bed after I eat). I have a breakfast that has served me well both for long training runs and my long races, so I will be sure to stick with my usual;

Breakfast Menu

W/W Bagel with 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

Small Clementine or kiwi


1 cup of yogurt

1 glass of orange juice


My goal is to finish eating about two and a half hours before race time, give or take a few minutes. It’s good to give my digestive system some time to put my breakfast to good use on the course without feeling weighed down. I have experimented with different combinations but this is pretty standard for me at this point. Occasionally, I will only have half of the bagel, but that’s about the only change I make. I will still be sipping

I double check my gear bag and running clothes to make sure nothing is missing – for the race tomorrow the forecast the windchill is going to make it feel like -22 Celsius (-8 F) so layering is going to be important.

Race Clothes

Mizuno Breath Thermo Socks

Race shoes  (Mizuno Inspire 9’s)

Louis Garneau tights

Ron Hill running tights

Merrell Buff (windbreak layer between tights)

Nike thermal undershirt

Nike dri-fit longsleeve shirt

RR Winter running top

RR Running jacket (windbreak layer)

Thin pair woolen gloves X 2

HH running toque

Hydration belt with 2 gels and 2 bottles (support to have 4 extra bottle)


Gear Bag

Pre-race Energy Bits (second time trying them, first for a race)


Hooded Sweatshirt


Track Pants

Dry Socks

Dry Shoes

 Heading to the Race and the Start

We live about half an hour away from the race, so we will be on the road about 7:50 or so, just to give us plenty of time. My entire family is coming to watch, which is always great. The best thing about the course tomorrow is there is one place where my family should see me four times prior to the finish, which is very convenient for them and me!

When we get to the starting point (I did mention it was at a Molson plant?) I will usually hang out with my family for a bit. About half an hour before the gun, I will do a warm up run then a little stretching. If I’m feeling any aches or pains, I may take an ibuprofen. I’ll make a last bathroom check and about 10-15 minutes before the start, I will take my pre-race fuel, shake things out and then start moving towards the starting line. If possible, I will look for familiar faces who I know should be around my speed or pace bunnies (although I prefer friends).  Pace bunnies can be great, but in a race like the Hypo Half, the conditions can change your tactics pretty quickly.

The last few minutes before the start, I feel very excited (as most people do). I will banter with people, wish them luck and hop up and down (something like a kid trying to see over taller people – which is also familiar to me, being so short). I remind myself of my pace goal, to remember my breathing and most importantly, to have fun!

Do you have any race day prep that is important to you? Any helpful tips or suggestions for me or other readers? I’d love to hear them!

See you at the starting line!!